Earthsave Membership

Earthsave Members take pride in supporting an organization that is influencing opinions and educating thousands about the compelling environmental, health, and humane reasons for adopting a plant based diet.

Benefits of Membership:

- Discounted fees at most Earthsave Baltimore events
- Members may display literature and make announcements at dinners
- Free half-hour session with registered dietitian Mark Rifkin

Donations are tax deductible, but basic membership fees are not. Basic fees are $35 for Individual, or $50 for Family Membership, $40 for Senior Couple, or $25 for Student or Senior. Please make your check or money order payable to Earthsave and send to 517 Talbott Ave. Lutherville MD, 21093. Any amount beyond the basic fee is tax deductible. Thanks for your kind support!

For further information, call 410-252-3043 or email Hope to see you soon!