August Newsletter: Earth Friendly Food Choices

Earthsave Newsletter: Earth Friendly Food Choices

"How different our lives are when we really know what is deeply important to us, and keeping that picture in mind, we manage ourselves each day to be and to do what really matters most."
- Stephen Covey

Hi Earthsaver,

NOW MEETING AT NEW LOCATION IN TOWSON! EarthSave is a volunteer operated nonprofit group that’s helping to create a healthier, sustainable, more loving and peaceful planet by helping people shift to a whole foods, plant-based diet. Our Veg Dinner Educational Series usually meets on the last Saturday of each month, giving people a chance to sample a wonderful variety of tasty vegan cuisine and meet like-minded people. Guests have the option of bringing a dish to share or paying for dinner.

It was wonderful to see so many of our friends from Baltimore and Maryland areas at Vegetarian Summerfest Conference in Johnstown, PA. We enjoyed five days of peace, love, and and education and encouragement. And we enjoyed meeting and attending lectures and classes taught by giants in the fields of nutrition and veg/vegan lifestyle and advocacy. And the food, prepared under the direction of Mark Reinfeld, of Vegan Fusion, was absolutely sensational! Many of us are already counting down the days until next year's big event. See the link below to see pictures of some of the highlights.

This Saturday... we will be meeting at a new location in Towson this Saturday, July 26th, when we will hear a talk by Kassy Ortega on "Effective Vegan Outreach". Kassy is a longtime volunteer with Vegan Outreach, a national nonprofit group whose educational booklets on the vegan lifestyle and the treatment of farmed animals have been well received, especially on college campuses. Kassy will share humor, success stories, and tips on effective veg/vegan/animal advocacy. Please RSVP and join us if you can.

And we have a very special Special Event set for August 28th, (also in Towson) when we will be treated to the latest update on nutrition research from Michael Greger, MD. Dr. Greger’s talks for Earthsave always pack the house. So we are asking everyone to register and pay in advance. Details are below.

The popular Baltimore Veg and Baltimore Vegan Meetup discussion groups now meet, respectively, in Columbia at Mango Grove restaurant, and in Pikesville at Mr. Chan. Details are below.

To stay abreast of all the upcoming veg related educational and dinner events, please join the Earthsave Baltimore Facebook group discussion page or the Baltimore Veg or Baltimore Vegan Meetup group. There’s also a very active and supportive international Facebook group page that I host called Earth Friendly Food Choices, which will soon have more than 10,000 members. It's a great group! Please join us!

Hope to see you soon!

Peace… Don Robertson

July 26th Veg Dinner Meeting at NEW LOCATION IN TOWSON, 6-9 pm, vegan potluck, in Towson, featuring a live presentation by Kassy Ortega, on "Effective Vegan Outreach". Kassy Ortega is a longtime volunteer with Vegan Outreach, a very successful and influential nonprofit group that publishes several attractive, highly informative booklets that focus on the treatment of farmed animals and encourage and support people in adopting a plant-based diet. Kassy will share some success stories and some tips on leafleting and effective veg/vegan/animal advocacy. Please RSVP and join us if you can.

DINNER GUESTS may choose to either bring a dish made without animal products (to serve 8) plus $5 (members pay just $2) donation; pay $15 (members pay just $12) to enjoy dinner and presentation; or pay $5 for presentation only. We eat first, then make announcements, vote and present awards for our favorite dishes, and then show presentation. Let us know in advance, if possible, if you plan to pay for dinner rather than bring a dish. RSVP by calling 410-252-3043, or emailing Meetings held at Towson Presbyterian Church, 400 W Chesapeake Ave. Towson, MD, 21204. DIRECTIONS and PARKING: Please RSVP and join us!

AUGUST 30TH SPECIAL EVENT IN TOWSON ((Advance Registration and Payment Required)) for our biggest event of the year on Saturday, August 30th, from 6-9 pm: Veg potluck and a live presentation “Dr. Greger’s Nutrition Research Update - 2014Michael Greger, MD, is a physician, author, and internationally recognized speaker. He serves as Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture with Humane Society of the United States. His popular webpage provides a multitude of fascinating nutrition facts presented in short, and often humorous, videos. Michael keeps up with the latest nutrition research and presents his annual updates with pizzazz and humor on DVD videos and live presentations.

TO REGISTER FOR SPECIAL EVENT: Registration fees are the same for members and guests for this Special Event, and all attendees must register and pay in advance. The attendance fee for those not bringing a dish to share is $15, and the fee for those bringing a dish made without animal products (to serve at least eight) is $5. Discounts are not in effect for members, children, or those who wish to attend presentation only. We need your name(s), email address, and phone number with your check payable to “Don Robertson”. Send to Earthsave Baltimore, 517 Talbott Ave., Lutherville, MD, 21093.

MONTHLY VEG DISCUSSION GROUP MEETUPS are casual and are held in restaurants over great vegetarian food. Discussions include a variety of topics that support people in making healthier choices in diet and lifestyle.

Baltimore Vegetarian Meetup Group meets on first Sundays at 12:30 pm at the Mango Grove in Columbia, MD, which offers very tasty Indian cuisine. Their vegetarian buffet is very vegan friendly. The group welcomes all who would like to learn a healthier, sustainable, peaceful way of eating and living.

Baltimore Vegan Meetup Group gathers at Mr. Chan Szechuan restaurant in Pikesville, MD, on third Wednesdays at 7 pm. Mr. Chan’s menu offers a sumptuous variety with more tasty vegan options than any other local restaurant. Meetings attract a large group of friendly, supportive people.

MARK RIFKIN is a registered dietitian who has been vegan for over twenty five years, and is very knowledgeable in the fields of health and nutrition. Through his private practice in Baltimore, MD, Mark provides group and individual sessions to help vegetarians and vegans improve the quality of their diet. See Mark's great looking new webpage and learn about the online educational webinars that Mark will be offering. Contact Mark at, or call 410-764-8343.

LEAFLETING OUTREACH are regularly organized by our friend Chris Dietrich, whose approach is very positive, courteous, and respectful. Chris distributes Earthsave Baltimore literature, which we are happy to provide. Chris would love to hear from you if you might like to join him, Vladimir, and others to help make an important difference for personal and planetary health and for animals. You can reach Chris at or by calling 443-261-9679. And we will be happy to provide you with Earthsave leaflets. Just give Don Robertson a call at 410-252-3043.

BALTIMORE VEGAN DRINKS hosts monthly social and dinner events in the Baltimore area that you might like to attend. See their event schedule at See Facebook event page at has a real helpful calendar of local events and resources that promote healthier eating and support people in adopting a whole foods, plant-based diet. Lots of wonderful things are happening in the Baltimore and Maryland areas. Learn more at

VEGETARIAN SUMMERFEST, 2014, in Johnstown, PA, was another huge success, with nearly 800 attendees enjoying the company of friendly, like-minded folks from all over. The Baltimore and Maryland areas were well represented at the popular educational event. Learn more about Veg Summerfest at And enjoy viewing some event highlights at

"The Human appetite for animal flesh is a driving force behind virtually every major category of environmental damage now threatening the human future - deforestation, erosion, fresh water scarcity, air and water pollution, climate change, biodiversity loss, social injustice, the destabilization of communities and the spread of disease." - Worldwatch Institute, 2004 –

Did you know that poultry is the primary source of food poisoning in U.S. homes... Salmonella, campylobacter, and other dangerous microorganisms spread thru fecal contamination. A 2009 Consumer Reports analysis found that two-thirds of tested chickens harbored these bacteria. So if we are to avoid "stomach virus" or something much worse we have to literally "cook the shit out of it". The Atlanta Journal Constitution interviewed 84 federal poultry inspectors and found that more than two-thirds were so concerned that they had stopped eating chickens themselves. Plant-based food choices offer a healthier, more sustainable, and peaceful way of living and eating.

Did you know that farmers in the U.S. administer 29 million pounds of antibiotics to livestock each year... eight times the amount used by humans. The drugs are routinely given in low doses to healthy animals to promote faster weight gain and to counter the effects of typically crowded, unsanitary conditions. The practice has increased steadily since the 1940s, despite risks to human health. Bacteria mutate to acquire antibiotic resistance, potentially nullifying the effectiveness of the antibiotics humans need to fight disease.

DID YOU KNOW that the China Health Study, the most comprehensive investigation ever completed on the relationship between diet and disease, shows a link between the consumption of surprisingly small amounts of animal protein and chronic disease... The results from this huge epidemiological study are especially compelling because participants were genetically similar, but the diets and disease rates varied significantly with respect to location.

DR. MICHAEL GREGER’S WEBSITE - NUTRITION FACTS.ORG is a wonderful fount of information on the latest research on health and nutrition, split into hundreds of bite-sized topical segments that can be searched and shared. Subscribe to his daily feed at or follow the site on Facebook and twitter (


• This short talk on food marketing methods left the audience speechless...

• It is well documented that we can live longer by practicing calorie restriction. Dr. Michael Greger, sheds light the discussion as to whether animal protein restriction may be an easier and more effective strategy...


EARTHSAVE BALTIMORE FACEBOOK GROUP is a great place to connect with like-minded Baltimore area people for recipes, discussion, and support on plant-based eating. And it’s also a great place to hear and share success stories and event information. Members are invited to share info on some closely related topics such as personal and environmental health, personal growth, and social justice. We have 1600 members and are adding new ones each day. Join us!

EARTH FRIENDLY FOOD CHOICES FACEBOOK GROUP is a very active group that we host with NEARLY 9000 members from all across the globe. The group’s mission is to educate and support people in shifting toward a healthier, compassionate, earth friendly diet and lifestyle. We ask that all posts be in some way related to food or diet and lifestyle change. Please join us!

PLEASE BRING EMPTY INKJET & TONER CARTRIDGES to Earthsave and Meetup events for recycling. Our nonprofit group receives is compensated for every cartridge we recycle. Thank you so much!

EARTHSAVE MEMBERSHIPS help us continue our important educational mission. Members receive a free 12-issue subscription to Vegetarian Times magazine. There are other benefits as well, including reduced attendance fees at our monthly dinner series. New members also get a free half-hour consultation with Registered Dietitian Mark Rifkin. Join Earthsave online at Or if you prefer, send a check made out to Don Robertson to 517 Talbott Ave., Lutherville, MD, 21093. Then Don will go online and sign you up, and you’ll be receive confirmation from our home office by email.