Nov/Dec Newsletter: Earth Friendly Food Choices

Hi Earthsaver,

Here's great news about local events on plant-based nutrition and veg/vegan lifestyle in the Baltimore area! It was nice to see so many of our friends and members at the first annual Vegan Soulfest in downtown Baltimore. I think you'll agree it was a blast and a great success, with perhaps more than 2000 attendees.

This month our Earthsave Veg Dinner Series will not meet on the last Saturday, but will have our final potluck dinner series event for 2014 on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, November 22nd, at 6:00 pm. The "Meet and Greet" potluck will be a social event with a little live music thrown in. It will happen at our great new venue - Towson Presbyterian Church, 400 Chesapeake Ave. Hope you will attend!

There are two other events that will happen before our next potluck. This Sunday, Nov 16th, Ginny Robertson and I will host a house concert with singer Deletta Gillespie and her trio. And on Wednesday, the 19th, Baltimore Vegan Meetup group will get together for great food and conversation, from 7-9 pm, at Mr. Chan in Pikesville.

You might like to join one of the Facebook discussion groups that's listed below. Dietitian Mark Rifkin now hosts an excellent group called "Ask a Vegan Dietitian", in which he shares his nutritional expertise in answering a wide variety of questions about optimal nutrition for good health.

Be well. Hope to see you soon!

Peace... Don Robertson

"Until he extends the circle of compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace."
- Albert Schweitzer

Sunday, November 16th, 3-6 pm - LIVE MUSIC - Ginny Robertson and I will be hosting a great event this Sunday starting at 3:00 pm. It will be the 2nd in a series of House Concerts at our Lutherville home. The first one was a real blast, and this one will be too! RSVP at

Talented singer Deletta Gillespie will entertain us with rock to reggae, blues to jazz, inspirational to comical with plenty of audience participation. And we'll have plenty of tasty vegan snacks for everyone. So come and join lots of cool like-minded people for an evening of great music, fun, and fellowship. The suggested donation is $20 per person and goes directly to the artist. You can pay that night via cash or credit card. Please RSVP if you plan to attend and we'll hold you a spot. Here's the concert series Facebook page, which we hoep you will enjoy and "Like".

For more about Deletta to to For video performances go to: and We hope to see you there!

NOVEMBER 22nd– EARTHSAVE PRE-THANKSGIVING DINNER CELEBRATION: Our final Earthsave dinner event for the year 2014, in Towson, will feature a "Meet ‘n Greet" vegan potluck, with cooking awards, some live entertainment, and a chance to get to know each other better and have fun. Please RSVP and join us if you can! Everyone’s invited! Please join us if you can!

DINNER GUESTS may choose to either bring a dish made without animal products (to serve 8) plus $5 (members pay just $2) donation; pay $15 (members pay just $12) to enjoy dinner and presentation; or pay $5 for presentation only. We eat first, then make announcements and show presentation. Let us know in advance, if possible, if you plan to pay for dinner rather than bring a dish. RSVP by calling 410-252-3043, or emailing Meetings held at Towson Presbyterian Church, 400 W Chesapeake Ave. Towson, MD, 21204. DIRECTIONS and PARKING: Please RSVP and join us!

VEGETARIAN RESOURCE GROUP PRE-THANKSGIVING VEGAN POTLUCK VRG's 33rd Annual Pre-Thanksgiving Vegan Potluck on Sunday, November 23rd, 2014 at 5:00PM at North Baltimore Mennonite Church, 4615 Roland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21210. Admission is $4 per adult; children are admitted free. Bring a vegan dish - made without meat, fish, fowl, milk, cheese, eggs, honey, or other animal-derived ingredients - that serves four as a contribution from each member of your party. Or you may bring a prepared vegan dish for four from a local natural foods store or restaurant. Also, we encourage you to bring a non-perishable vegetarian canned food item to donate to the church, who will distribute it to those in need. We can always use some extra hands for this event! If you would like to volunteer, please contact Nina at For more information contact The Vegetarian Resource Group, (410) 366-8343 or,,

December 2nd - FILM - COWSPIRACY: The excellent documentary film "Cowspiracy: The sustainability Secret" is now being screened in theaters across the US, and educating thousands about the devastating environmental impact of animal agriculture, which is responsible for more climate changing greenhouse gases that all combined forms of transportation. A Baltimore area showing will happen on Tuesday, December 2nd from 7:30PM - 9:16PM at AMC Loews White Marsh 16, at 8141 Honeygo Boulevard, White Marsh, MD, 21236.

Jan. 31st, EARTHSAVE VEG DINNER SERIES POTLUCK: 6-8 pm, vegan potluck, in Towson, and live presentation by Mark Rifkin, MS, RD, on "Slice Your Food Bill". Healthy plant-based diets don’t have to be expensive. An average healthy person eating plant-based should be able to spend less than $180-$200 per month. Registered Dietitian Mark Rifkin will help us ignore clever marketing strategies and learn to avoid overspending; identify which foods give us the most for our money; understand how we can enjoy summer fruit all year round; pinpoint key ways to stop wasting food; and learn how to measure our success. RSVP and Join us!

MONTHLY VEG/VEGAN DISCUSSION GROUP MEETUPS are casual and include a variety of topics that support people in making healthier choices in diet and lifestyle.

Baltimore Vegetarian Meetup Group meets on first Sundays at 12:30 pm at the Mango Grove in Columbia, MD, which offers very tasty Indian cuisine. Their vegetarian buffet is very vegan friendly. The group welcomes all who would like to learn a healthier, sustainable, peaceful way of eating and living.

Baltimore Vegan Meetup Group gathers at Mr. Chan Szechuan restaurant in Pikesville, MD, on third Wednesdays at 7 pm. Mr. Chan’s menu offers a sumptuous variety with more tasty vegan options than any other local restaurant. Meetings attract a large group of friendly, supportive people. The topic for our November 19th meeting - Let's talk about our biggest challenges in shifting toward a healthier and more peaceful way of eating, and also about what we've found most supportive in following through on diet and lifestyle change. Hope to see you there!

Baltimore Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition is a Meetup group that is hosted by Registered Dietitian Mark Rifkin. Mark announces the topic of discussion for each meeting. Learn more by going to

BALTIMORE VEGAN DRINKS hosts monthly social and dinner events in the Baltimore area that you might like to attend. See their event schedule at

Veganism Support Group Meetup schedules a variety of lectures and dinner events, including a monthly vegan potluck that's held on Friday evenings at Govens Presbyterian Church, on 5828 York Rd, in Baltimore, 21212. Learn more at

Earthsave Baltimore Facebook group is hosted by Don Robertson. The group offers an opportunity to connect with like-minded local people for discussion and support on diet and lifestyle or veg/vegan/animal advocacy.

Earth Friendly Food Choices is also hosted by Don Robertson and has a similar purpose to Earthsave Baltimore Facebook group, but the membership is global. Group has over 11,000 members and is real active. You might like to join us at

Ask A Vegan Dietitian! This is the only vegan/plant-based group organized and led by a Registered Dietitian. Here you can ask nutrition questions and get solid answers from an RD with years of experience in the vegan lifestyle and at reading and interpreting research, Baltimore's own Mark Rifkin, MS, RD, LDN. Join Mark's great group by going to

LEAFLETING OUTREACH are regularly organized by our friend Chris Dietrich, whose approach is very positive, courteous, and respectful. Chris distributes Earthsave Baltimore literature, which we are happy to provide. Chris would love to hear from you if you might like to join him, Vladimir, and others to help make an important difference for personal and planetary health and for animals. You can reach Chris at or by calling 443-261-9679. And we will be happy to provide you with Earthsave leaflets. Just give Don Robertson a call at 410-252-3043.

FREE MEETINGS - ON PURPOSE NETWORKING FOR WOMEN: Ginny Presley Robertson is the publisher and editor of On Purpose Woman magazine and founder of a terrific networking group for women. On Purpose Networking for Women has done a lot over the years to help businesswomen find their “big girl voices”, and learn to better promote themselves and their business. Ginny’s business and personal mission is to connect women around the world to their gifts, their purpose and each other. All of the group's meetings in November are free of charge. The group is for women only.

Did you know that neither meat nor dairy products contain fiber, something that is essential for optimal digestion and regularity... So meat, with its toxins and bacteria and chemical and pharmaceutical residues, may stay in our bodies for several days before being excreted, and may contribute to a number of health problems, including diverticulitis and colorectal cancer. Our consumption of meat and dairy has skyrocketed since the end of the second world war, and so has the incidence of colorectal cancer, which is now our second most lethal cancer. It's clear that we need to make healthy, fiber rich, plant-based food choices a priority.

Did you know that the protein content in breast milks of different species varies according to how quickly the infants grow... Bovine calves grow about four times as fast as human babies, and that's why cow milk contains 20% protein, while human breast milk has only 5%... one more indication that cow milk is for baby cows, and not for humans.

Did you know that cardiovascular disease, caused largely by poor eating habits, is often accountable for a wide variety of health problems... "Many diseases are caused by compromising the flow of blood to various tissues. Close the arteries to the brain and you have a stroke; to the eye, macular degeneration; to the inner ear, hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing), and vertigo (dizziness); to the heart, myocardial infarction; to the kidneys, renal failure; to the leg, gangrene; and to the penis, impotence." - John McDougall, MD, Clinical nutritionist and author -

VIDEO We’ve learned quite a bit about the intelligence and emotions of crows in the recent years. Here’s a amazing video of a crow having a wonderful time snowboarding from a Russian rooftop.

PLEASE BRING EMPTY INKJET & TONER CARTRIDGES to Earthsave and Meetup events for recycling. Our nonprofit group is compensated for every cartridge we recycle. Thank you so much!

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